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Wellbeing and support

Arranging homecare & support

It is not an easy choice to select the right person or organisation to provide care and assistance to you or a loved one.
You need someone who has the right expertise and skills to care for, someone you can depend on and most importantly someone you can trust.

Step 1: Make a list of the day to day activities you would like help with.

For example:

  • Start your day well in the morning-get up, have a good breakfast and be ready for the day ahead
  • Companion or someone to go shopping with or to visit old friends
  • Collect your medications from the chemist, maybe once a fortnight
  • Keep your house clean and tidy, the way you want it

Step 2: Consider how you will pay for the care and support

You could have the right to financial assistance against a care worker ‘s expense. Who pays and how much depends on the type and amount of care and support you require, and how much money you have.

Step 3: Arranging care and support

The council may make arrangements on your behalf with private companies or charities to provide your care and support.

Step 4 Deciding on a care agency or a personal assistant

If you are looking at home for care and support, you need to decide whether you want to employ a personal assistant directly, or whether you want to use a home care agency’s services.